Everyone Loves A Kebab

If you’re a meat eater, chances are you wouldn’t turn down a kebab.  I mean, who would? Not the post-club variety, but the round kind that’s spicy, moist and so easy to make you can do it yourself.

Chicken kebabs

Don’t think for a minute that chicken kebabs are complicated things. You whizz stuff like onions and coriander in a food processor and then, er, add the chicken. Then you fry them in a pan. Why lump for ready-made ones from the supermarket or expensive ones from the takeaway, when you can make up 16 of these bad boys yourself, freeze 12 and sink your teeth into 4 of them straight away! Exactly.

Watch us make them in this video and then click on the recipe. Let us know how you get on. And wave goodbye to the takeaway.


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