Welcome to Cracking Curries!

Cracking Curries is the website which shows you how to make simple and authentic Pakistani food at home. And when we say simple, we really mean it. Most of our recipes use fewer than 10 ingredients.

We’re not chefs, we just love our Mum’s food. And we want to pass on her recipes to you. We’ve even filmed 10 of them for you.

Khara Chicken Masala

They’re tried and tested family favourites. Khara Chicken Masala, Tarka Daal, Lamb Koftas. Most of them are one-pot wonders. All of them are classics.

Let’s get cracking. Just hover on the ‘Recipes’ tab above and choose one. Follow the instructions and watch the video. Any questions? Ask us.

So what’s for dinner tonight?

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