Cracking Curries is the website which shows you how to make simple and authentic Pakistani food at home. And when we say simple, we really mean it. Most of our recipes use fewer than 10 ingredients.

We’re not chefs, we just love our Mum’s food. And we want to pass her recipes on to you. We even filmed a few for you!

Khara Chicken Masala

They’re tried and tested family favourites. Khara Chicken Masala, Tarka Daal, Chicken Saag. Most of them are one-pot wonders. All of them are classics.

Just hover on ‘The Recipes’ tab above and choose one. Follow the simple instructions and watch the video.

So what’s for dinner tonight? It’s easier than you think. But more delicious than you thought.

Onions for rice

9 thoughts on “Hello

    • Hi, I’m trying to keep this as authentic and Pakistani as possible so maybe samosas and naan, not so sure about pakora and bhajis as my mum never made them. But there will be a lot on rice – check out the muttar pilau recipe that’s already on the website. Cheers.

    • A few people have said that. Use a large high-sided pot. When the liquid comes to the boil, turn it down a bit – but it should be hot enough for the contents to be bubbling away vigorously. Medium to high. Don’t be scared – it’s not really a simmer, more of a rolling boil. I never soak them and it never takes more than 45-50 mins I promise!

  1. Stumbled across this site today via the mention by Ottolenghi. I already have your Chana Masala bubbling vigorously away on the stove and smelling wonderful. Does your mum make her own pickles and would she let you share them with us? Homemade pickles are a bit special 🙂

  2. Brilliant blog, I’ve tried most of the recipes over the last few weeks and find the results very impressive. Simple to follow and no fancy ingredients. It’s how curries should be.
    I have one complaint…I need more recipes.
    The blog is too good to leave it now.

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