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Everyone Loves A Kebab

If you’re a meat eater, chances are you wouldn’t turn down a kebab.  I mean, who would? Not the post-club variety, but the round kind that’s spicy, moist and so easy to make you can do it yourself.

Chicken kebabs

Don’t think for a minute that chicken kebabs are complicated things. You whizz stuff like onions and coriander in a food processor and then, er, add the chicken. Then you fry them in a pan. Why lump for ready-made ones from the supermarket or expensive ones from the takeaway, when you can make up 16 of these bad boys yourself, freeze 12 and sink your teeth into 4 of them straight away! Exactly.

Watch us make them in this video and then click on the recipe. Let us know how you get on. And wave goodbye to the takeaway.

Veggie alert!

It’s Tuesday so that must mean a new Cracking Curry!

Recipe 2 is Bhindis. Or Okra. Or Ladies’ Fingers. Lots of names for a dish that’s really simple to cook but so-o tasty. Only 8 ingredients. My mum cooks them until they’re quite squashy but some people like them a bit firmer. It’s up to you.

Yes, they look a bit unusual. You might be intimidated by their shape. How do you prepare them? It’s really easy, promise.


You just wash them, dry them on kitchen paper, cut the hard ends off and then slice them diagonally – it looks much better. If you’re a meat freak, have it as a side dish. But there is a meat version of this recipe – details to follow! In the meantime, try it. Watch the video and then follow the easy recipe. You’re gonna thank us!


New Series of Cracking Curries

Yes, we know it’s been a while – but hopefully it’s worth the wait. The new 3rd series of Cracking Curries has started! There will be FOUR video recipes this time – posted every Tuesday. If you want to be first to see them, sign up to this blog by using the ‘follow’ button, or make sure you’re following @CrackingCurries on Twitter.

Mince and peas

The first recipe is Keema Muttar, or mince and peas. A signature Cracking Curries recipe because it really is spicy, delicious and simple. Watch our 5 minute video below… and become an expert. Then click here for the recipe.

Enjoy. Episode 2 is only 6 days away!