Veggie alert!

It’s Tuesday so that must mean a new Cracking Curry!

Recipe 2 is Bhindis. Or Okra. Or Ladies’ Fingers. Lots of names for a dish that’s really simple to cook but so-o tasty. Only 8 ingredients. My mum cooks them until they’re quite squashy but some people like them a bit firmer. It’s up to you.

Yes, they look a bit unusual. You might be intimidated by their shape. How do you prepare them? It’s really easy, promise.


You just wash them, dry them on kitchen paper, cut the hard ends off and then slice them diagonally – it looks much better. If you’re a meat freak, have it as a side dish. But there is a meat version of this recipe – details to follow! In the meantime, try it. Watch the video and then follow the easy recipe. You’re gonna thank us!



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