Thankyou to all of you who not only tried the recipes but tweeted us your pictures. Keep them coming to @CrackingCurries.

@PaulOstermeyer made some pretty impressive Saag Chicken

The first to attempt the Tarka Daal was @Spikey67

@glosdavid did brilliantly on his first bash at making Saag Chicken – look at that dish!

My friend Nick in Jamaica made it with a Caribbean twist … callaloo

This version of Saag Chicken from @steviebhoydno looks delicious

Keep your pics coming. We love them!

2 thoughts on “You”

  1. Has anyone tried any of the recipes so far covered in a slow cooker the dhal and saag chicken should work. Any that you would not try this way? Thanks D

  2. You really don’t want to see a picture of my first attempt at the Channa Masala recipe!
    Must remember, golden brown not dark brown.
    I must say, as the Vege In The Room, great start. Four dishes just for me!
    My wish list:
    Veg Biryani (a real veg biriyani)
    Malai Kofta
    Mutter Paneer (homemade paneer)
    Bhel Puri
    Aloo Tikki
    How about a whole selection of indian street snacks. I wish someone would set up a stall in Glasgow selling traditional Indian street food. The kebab market would collapse.

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