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Here at Cracking Curries we want to collate a list of handy, local Asian shops where you can buy things like chillies, garlic and dried spices very cheaply – always at a fraction of the price of the supermarkets. And we need your help. Can you recommend one?


For example, a handful of green chillies will cost you over £1 in a supermarket – but around 20p in one of these shops. True, they’re not always handy on your way home from work. But if you want to use the real stuff and save loads of money, you can stock up once a week or a fortnight.

In East London, there are loads. Our favourites are Taj Stores and Bangla City on Brick Lane. In Glasgow, the family favourite is KRK on Woodlands Road.

So, wherever you live – from Newcastle to Nottingham – if you know of a good Asian shop that’s fairly central, let us know. We’ll stick it on the website, city by city – so that newcomers can benefit from your local knowledge. Let’s get cracking!

Leave your recommendations of good local shops, that you have used, at the end of this post. Or tweet us at @CrackingCurries. And leave a first name at least, so we can credit you. Thankyou! x

Shop 1

Khara Chicken Masala

Welcome to Cracking Curries!

Cracking Curries is the website which shows you how to make simple and authentic Pakistani food at home. And when we say simple, we really mean it. Most of our recipes use fewer than 10 ingredients.

We’re not chefs, we just love our Mum’s food. And we want to pass on her recipes to you. We’ve even filmed 10 of them for you.

Khara Chicken Masala

They’re tried and tested family favourites. Khara Chicken Masala, Tarka Daal, Lamb Koftas. Most of them are one-pot wonders. All of them are classics.

Let’s get cracking. Just hover on the ‘Recipes’ tab above and choose one. Follow the instructions and watch the video. Any questions? Ask us.

So what’s for dinner tonight?

Spicy Delicious Simple


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